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Luis Suarez is one of the most controversial figures in sports. While his goal-scoring exploits have earned him a place at the greatest teams in the world, with the player currently operating in Barcelona, his other exploits leave him condemned by many as a thug. The player has been shown to be a racist, to bite other players, to cheat and fight at any given opportunity. 

While emotions run high in games it is no excuse for biting another player. Emotions are high for every player and we do not see other players reacting in such a manner. Other players have been caught spitting at opponents on occasion and while this too is awful behavior it is still not as shocking as a player biting an opponent. 

Luis Suarez first bit a player while playing for Ajax. The team was doing badly and his temper was running high. An argument broke out on the pitch between a number of players and Suarez leaned in and bit a player above the collarbone. The opponent was visibly shocked at what had just happened. Suarez became infamous for this action but when he was signed by Liverpool for his attacking prowess everyone assumed it was a one-off occurrence, never to be seen again.

This was not the case. In a high profile game against Chelsea, Suarez was being closely marked by Ivanovic. The footage of Suarez grabbing Ivanovic’s arm and biting it strongly is something so surreal that it lives in most football fan’s memories. Suarez received a ban and of course, apologized. He was still not finished. Later at a world cup game, he bit Chiellini from behind for marking him. 

In his latest autobiography, the player tries to explain his behavior. He explains how ashamed he was and how he hopes his daughter never sees the footage. How his wife asked him to explain and he couldn’t. He says he lost control of his emotions and lashed out because he was performing badly. 

In reality, there is no explanation, there is no excuse. Suarez received a 4-month ban for his bite on Chiellini but it should have been longer. To have been caught doing this three times, coupled with his racist remarks towards Patrice Evra, shows this player has no right to be playing the beautiful game. His despicable behavior should have resulted in a lifetime ban long ago instead of allowing him to play on the world stage.

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