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2019 was a strong year for formula 1. Numerous records were broken, rules were changed, and the game advanced. While 2020 looks set to be another incredible year lets take a look back at what made 2019 so special.

Lewis Hamilton Dominates

Another year and another win for Lewis Hamilton. 2019 marks Hamilton’s sixth championship overall placing him one behind Michael Schumacher. In 2019 he established two new records as he had the highest points score of any racer ever this year with 413 and the longest gap between his title wins, winning his first title in 2008.

The highest point record is a strange one as the rules have changed and Hamilton was awarded points for the fastest lap meaning it is not a fair comparison to previous scores. However, Hamilton also held the previous record so it matters little.

Hamilton is now in the final year of his Mercedes contract as he chases his seventh title. He has opened talks with Ferrari over a new contract as he seeks to establish his name as the greatest of all time.

Youngest Podium

A positive sign for the sport is how young the top drivers coming through are. 2019 was a record for the youngest podium. In the Brazil Grand Prix, the average age was just 23 years old. 

Fastest Pit Stop

One of the most fascinating things to watch at a Grand Prix is the speed of a pit stop. Red Bull managed to change all four tires in just 1.82 seconds and take the record for the fastest pit stop ever. It remains to be seen how low this record could possibly go.

2019 was an incredible year for formula one as Hamilton continued to dominate the sport, as technology continued to advance and the strategic race continued to develop. The next decade will be incredibly exciting as new young drivers continue to attack the titles of former heroes and only time will tell if Hamilton will be crowned the greatest of all time or if the chasing pack will catch him before he can.

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