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While snowboarding is still a young sport, with the modern form of snowboarding beginning in 1965, there are still some incredible records that have been set during this time. The sport is one heavily linked with adrenaline junkies and those that have set the records must be real addicts as the achievements they have made are shocking to comprehend.

Highest Air

Terje Hakonsen holds the record for the highest air at 9.8 meters. The snowboarder was competing at the 2007 Artic Challenge when he launched into the air off a quarter pipe and landed a backside 360. Reaching over 30 feet in the air from a snowboarding jump is an incredible feat.

Longest Tabletop Jump

Mads Jonsson holds the record for longest jump. Jonsson constructed a tabletop of 131 feet and launched off it to fly 57 meters down a hill and land perfectly. The record is likely to go unchallenged for some time as the courage required is only matched by the incredible skills needed to pull it off.

Fastest Descent

The average snowboarder travels at 50 km/hour. The current record for top speed is held by Darren Powell at 202 km/hour. Faster than most cars you have been in Powell set the record in 1999. The hero appears to be head and shoulders above the rest as he also holds second place at 196 km/hour.

Largest Trick Relay

As our last record, something a little more fun. 60 friends and family came together in an indoor park to attempt a world record for the highest number of people performing a trick together. 54 successfully pulled off an indy grab and the record was set. If you have 60 friends, give it a go.

If you are thinking of getting into a new sport with the aim of breaking records we suggest choosing something other than snowboarding as the bar appears to have been set pretty high already, unless you do actually have 60 friends of course.

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