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Skydiving is badass! The last time I went skydiving I asked my instructor what the worst part of his job was. I expected him to say the constant fear of death, the constant thoughts about life after death, all the dead bodies, basically, something about death. Instead, he said it is when his customers have terrible body odor. So if you are going sky diving soon be sure to have a wash first and also to read these incredible records:

Highest dive without a parachute

A skydive without a parachute sounds like just falling out of an airplane to your death, but at least one man has managed to avoid that outcome. Luke Aikins set an incredible record when he jumped out of a plane at 25,000 feet without a parachute and landed safely in a net. The video is available on Youtube and we warn you, your hands will not leave without being covered in sweat from watching. 

Vertical formation skydiving

The hardest way to skydive is with your head facing the earth. You have less surface area than the traditional flat body technique meaning you have much less stability. This vertical position is difficult technically and physically. In 2015, 164 skydivers set the record for the highest number of divers to set a formation while all in the vertical position. 

The largest formation skydive

In 2006, 400 people successfully complete a formation skydive, they created a linked spiral in the sky. To secure enough planes alone to make this record happen would be difficult, not to mention the coordination of the divers once they are out of the plane. An incredible record that will take a while to be defeated.

Have you tried skydiving yet? Are you keen to give it a go or do the thoughts of it alone make you pee your pants a little? Grab life by the parachute and give it a go!

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