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Freestyle skiing is an adrenaline-filled sport that continues to attract more audiences at the X games. While freestyle skiing has always been considered a niche element of the sport it is growing strongly. The reason for the strong growth is a small number of incredible athletes at the top of the game who are pushing the limits of freestyle skiing and attracting new people to the sport every year. Here are just three names to watch out for:

Torin-Yater Wallace

Torin-Yater Wallace is considered to be one of the best freestyle skiers today at the age of only 17. He was the third-youngest person to ever compete in the Winter X games and already has one gold medal. In 2012 he pushed the sport to new limits when he was the first to ever record a switch 1080 in a competition.

Jon Olsson

Jon Olsson has dominated the freestyle skiing competition for years. At 30 years of age, he is one of the older competitors but he still continues to show new tricks each year. He has won countless medals over the years but is best known as an innovator of double flips.

T.J. Schiller

T.J. Schiller is an incredible freestyle skier who brings a lot of style to the sport. He was the first to ever land a double cork 1620 at the X Games and the third to land a 1620. A 1620 is 4.5 turns in the air and is just amazing to see. Check it on youtube.

These are just three of the leaders of a sport that is continuing to grow in followers and in risky moves. It will be interesting to see how these competitors do at the next winter X games and what new records are introduced. Of course, with any new year, new competitors will come to the fore as well.

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