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Everyone in the world has played or at least watched a football game. 3.5 billion people alone watched the last football World Cup final. While football is undoubtedly the world’s most popular sport, what is the least? There are some incredibly obscure sports out there today that many people have never heard have and there are some that are so strange that even those who have heard of them don’t want to play or watch them. Let’s take a closer look at the least popular sports in the world.

Unicycle Hockey

A game that is pretty much perfectly described by the name. This is hockey but on unicycles. If you know anyone who can ride a unicycle I am willing to bet that you don’t know four more people. This is what makes the sport so unpopular as it is incredibly difficult to put a team together. Despite that, it is still a little popular as there are four national leagues today in the UK, Germany, Switzerland, and Australia.

Wife Carrying

No this is not carrying your wife home after she has had a glass of wine too many. This is an actual sport where partners run across an obstacle course while carrying their wives on their backs. The sport is mainly aimed at being entertaining but a number of couples do take it seriously as they covet that top prize. 

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Extreme Ironing

Ironing is one of the most boring household chores so it is great news that someone has tried to turn it into an extreme sport. The objective is simple, take your ironing board, iron, and shirt to an extreme location and take a photo or video to prove you did it. We couldn’t find many active participants in this strange game.

Sheep Counting

If ironing sounds too extreme for you then on the other end of the spectrum we have sheep counting. This task may sound simple but is actually very difficult. Contestants line up on a high platform and a number of sheep are released between paddocks. The contestants must then try and count all the sheep as they rush through. A large number of sheep makes it incredibly difficult to get an accurate count. Of course, there is the added risk of falling asleep on the job too.

Ferret Legging

If there is one sport that is incredibly unpopular to both watch and to take part in, it is ferret legging. This sport involves contestants all wearing pairs of jeans and then putting a ferret down their pants. The person who can last the longest without the ferret escaping or being removed, wins. This sounds like an incredibly uncomfortable sport, not only for contestants, not only for audiences but for the poor ferret as well. The record for this particular game is over five hours and we can only think fo the poor ferret who had to stay trapped in a man’s pants for that long. Hopefully, this game is so unpopular that it soon dies out.

There are so many obscure sports in the world but these are a few of our favorites. We have also heard of the Harry Potter game quidditch but could not include that as an unpopular sport as it is becoming hugely popular in universities around the world. We also thought of including sports like archery, because really, who competes at archery anymore. However, as it is still an Olympic event we felt that was a little unfair on all the hard-working archer athletes that are training for the next Olympics. While it is a little boring to watch, it requires incredible ability. Perhaps after reading this list, you can create your own unpopular sport. Bottlecap twisting anyone?

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