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Sports are an incredible gift to the world. Watching your favorite team on its way to winning the league can be the memory of a lifetime. Playing in a game can be even better, whether that game is winning the local league or representing your country at the Olympics, few things in life come close to the feeling of winning. The comradery and social gains we have from watching and playing sports are unmatched and are something that anyone can benefit from. 

Those who suffer from disabilities often never play sports. If they suffer an accident during their life they likely retire and if they have had the disability from birth then they may never know the joys that are possible because of great games. This is not right.

Everyone should be able to enjoy sports and everyone can. If you suffer from a disability or you know someone that suffers from a disability we ask you to consider sports again or encourage your disabled friend to consider it. Sports can cause a huge number of benefits in your life and can cause you to push through your previously conceived limitations in terms of what you are capable of. 

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Anyone who suffers from a disability is often at a higher risk of depression and anxiety. Having to go through life and knowing that you have to work harder at everything every single day can be tough to take sometimes. Sport can help you to overcome that mental anguish and can show you that despite your disability there is still so much you can, so much you can achieve. 

Today there are countless sports that are open to those with disabilities and there are platforms on the world stage that allow incredible competitions to take place. Some of the most well known adaptive sports are wheelchair basketball, swimming, and cycling. 

Wheelchair basketball is such an incredible sport that many people who have full function of their legs are starting to embrace it. With this in mind, if you have a disability that does not allow your legs to function, wheelchair basketball could be the answer. You could join a team in your area or ask your friends to embrace a wheelchair for a while as ye all battle on the court. This game is incredible because everyone on the court is on a level playing field.

Swimming is a great sport for a number of disabilities as well. If you are blind or deaf you can still enjoy swimming and push yourself to incredible lengths. Cycling too can be done as you if you are blind you can still cycle by having a tandem cyclist act as your lead rider on directions. Your job is to pedal.

In truth, there are countless sports where the rules have either been adapted slightly or separate leagues have been set up to accommodate to people with disabilities. These games allow people who suffer from a disability to still achieve incredible heights in the sporting world. Sports is something that everyone is entitled to enjoy and that power is being given back to those with disabilities.

For many people who suffer disabilities, they either don’t know about these options or know about them but are too embarrassed to try them out. For some people who suffer disabilities entering a special game that recognizes their disability and accommodates to it, is putting a spotlight on it. While you should encourage any disabled friend of yours to embrace sports, don’t rush them. It is difficult to know how they are feeling and everyone deals with adversity in their life in a different way. Allow them to do that.

If you or your friends are interested in learning more about adaptive sports then you won’t be disappointed. There are countless sports now introducing new leagues and many more in development.

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