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The UFC is a sport that is increasing in viewers and reputation. A brutal sport that allows multiple forms of combat to determine who is the best fighter without exception. Fights last between three and five rounds with each round taking five minutes to complete. Or at least they are supposed to take that long. Jorge Masvidal now holds the record for the fastest knockout in UFC history after defeating his opponent in five seconds flat. 

Masvidal vs Askren is a fight that had been hyped for some time. The two fighters did not appear to respect each other and taunted each other multiple times before fighting. Masvidal a fighter who likes to remain standing and exchange punches was the opposite style to Askren who preferred to take the fight to the mat and use his wrestling abilities. This is what caused the knockout to take place.

Immediately as the fight started Askren ran at Masvidal hoping to grab him and take him to the floor. At the same time, Masvidal ran at Askren as he predicated exactly what Askren wanted to do. While Askren leaned forward and lowered his head in an attempt to grab his opponent, Masvidal jumped in the air with a flying knee. The knee of Masvidal met the face of Askren and the fighter was knocked out cold. Askren fell to the floor and Masvidal continued to lay a flurry of punches until the referee pulled him away. 

After the fight, Askren was taken to the hospital and later released. He summed up his fight very well in a tweet later that night that simply read “Well that sucked”.  Masvidal too had his moment to talk about the fight and described Askren as predictable and a scrub! It appears he was right as the fight was over faster than even the biggest Masvidal fans could dream of. 

Even the greatest fighters can be surprised by a powerful blow. Another epic UFC fight was Aldo vs McGregor. Aldo had been the titleholder for years and was clearly no scrub. McGregor managed to knock him out in 13 seconds with an incredible left hook. This may make Askren feel a little better as he spends time trying to claw back his career and gather some wins.

The win has been incredible for Masvidal who has gone on to become one of the biggest names in UFC and rumored to fight McGregor in the coming months.

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