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Swimming is an incredible exercise and sport. It is great for your health, it is fun and it is exciting to watch. Let’s look at some interesting facts from the world of swimming.

Hold your breath

The record for holding one’s breath is 24 minutes and 3 seconds held by Spanish Freediver Aleix Segura Vendrell. The average person can hold their breath for about 1 minute with 2 minutes being considered a good score. Vendrell is no average human being.

Swimmers can flex

If you lie straight on the ground, flex your toes as much as you can. When I do this my toes are still a few inches off the floor. My foot probably reaches an angle of about 30 degrees. The best swimmers can flex so much that their toes touch the ground. 

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Swimmers do sweat

If you ever go for an intense swim it feels like you aren’t even breaking a sweat, but you are. It just feels like this because you are in the water. The average swimmer loses 125 ml of sweat every k they swim while in the water. 

Swimmers shave

If you are with swimmers for too long you will notice the conversation eventually switches to shaving. Most swimmers shave their entire bodies. Many people believe this is because it makes swimmers more aerodynamic, while this holds some truth it is also so that swimmers can ‘feel’ the water against their body better and adjust their movements to get improved results.

Swimming is for everyone

Babies can begin to learn swimming at the age of 2 months and can start to go under the water after the age of around 6 months. It really is an activity for all ages.

A full-body workout

Swimming uses every muscle in your body so if you want to get fit, start swimming. What are you waiting for, dive in!

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