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While snowboarding continues to grow in popularity there is a lot that people do not know about the sport. Don’t worry we are here to help with the 7 need-to-know facts about snowboarding. Before you go shredding, read on.

If you love snowboarding you love snurfing

That is right snurfing not smurfing. Snowboarding was originally called snurfing (snow surfing) before the marketing people came along and realized that was a terrible, terrible name.

Snowboard bans

Snowboarding was banned at many resorts until the late 1980s. Skiing dominated at the time, especially among the older demographic and they didn’t like younger people on their mountains ruining their snow. The arguments between skiers and snowboarders rage on today as both seem to get in each other’s way on both the lifts and the mountain.

Snowboarding is here to stay

While snowboarding is still not as popular as skiing it is not far behind. It now accounts for 30% of total revenue in the winter season and is clearly not a niche sport any longer.

Growing fast

In 2000 snowboarding was the fastest growing sport in the USA.

Snowboarding is dangerous but skiing is worse

While many believe that snowboarding is the most dangerous sport there are many more skiing accidents (per active skier) than there are snowboarding accidents (per active snowboarder). Still, safety in snowboarding is improving with most boarders now wearing helmets on the mountain.

You should wear a helmet.

You need to wear a helmet when skiing or snowboarding, not an opinion, it is a fact. 7,700 injuries and deaths happen each year that could be avoided with a helmet. They are also great for keeping your head warm and holding your earphones in.

Snowboarding is better than skiing

Ok, this one is an opinion but I think it is a fact. Snowboarding is way more fun than skiing. You feel freer, faster and yes a little bit cooler. As windsurfers become kitesurfers so too are skiers becoming snowboarders. Embrace the change and the better sport.

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