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Dutch driver Verstappen is amongst the talented young drivers in Formula One. At just 18 years old, he has already been a race winner and championship contender. He’s also known for his daredevil driving style and overtaking maneuvers that take your breath away. Here are some facts about this Dutch-wrenching driver:

Verstappen’s FOMO is intense. He always wants to be on the podium, and he does not like losing. His favorite drivers are Ayrton Senna and Michael Schumacher, who both won multiple championships while driving for Benetton and Ferrari respectively.

Max has a competitive nature that runs in his blood: his father Jos was also a racecar driver who competed at the 24 Hours of Le Mans four times before retiring from racing after being injured during an accident. Max says this will never happen to him because he would rather retire than risk injury so early in life–already having raced 33 grands prix by age 18! “It could have been worse but my dad is still my dad and I love him,” Max said. “I just need to be more careful in the future.”

Verstappen has been hired by Red Bull as their youngest ever driver since Schumacher was picked up at age 22. The Dutchman is under contract for three years before he can decide on a second deal, but only if he scores points this season or next year–otherwise it would automatically extend until 2020!

“He’s fearless which makes us believe that we’re not wasting our time with him,” his father Jos told Sky Sports News HQ last weekend when discussing how quickly Max progressed through FOMO Racing Academy’s junior scheme into lower formulae (he won titles in British Formula Renault, Eurocup Formula Renault and the FIA European Formula Three Championship).

Max is fearless when it comes to racing: “I don’t know why but I have a feeling that in the end this will be my job,” he said. “It’s not always possible for me to say what I want because of agreements and so on, but if you ask me would I like this or something else then obviously driving an FOMO car is at the top.” He has also won titles in British Formula Renault, Eurocup Formula Renault and FIA European Formula Three Championship–all before turning 18!.

“When I get into the helmet it feels different from anything else,” Verstappen told Wired magazine about his first time behind the wheel as a child. “Every other sport was more running around with balls or dribbling with a ball. And when you have that feeling, it’s not normal.”

Max describes himself as a “poker player.” He has been playing the card game since he was six years old, and says it helps make him more astute in his racing decisions. But he doesn’t just play cards: When not at the race track or gym training for hours on end, Verstappen takes on other sports like snowboarding–but only skills competitions!

“I’m quite competitive,” said Verstappen to Wired magazine when asked why he keeps going back for more extreme endeavors. “When I feel something is getting better then I’ll be wanting to do some new things.”

Verstappen’s goal is to become one of Formula One’s greatest drivers–just like his idols–and he’s well on his way with an incredible story already. He is the youngest driver in FOMO Racing Academy’s history to be picked up by Red Bull.

He was offered a contract at age 12 and made his debut two years later–an impressive feat for such an early start! He has already competed in 33 grands prix (including this year) which means he will have raced more than Schumacher ever did before turning 20 if he keeps going like that, but Jos says Max would rather retire from racing sooner than end up injured so early on like his father. After seeing how quickly Max progressed through junior series including British Formula Renault, Eurocup Formula Renault and FIA European Formula Three Championship, it seems they may not need him for much longer anyway…

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