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Marc Marquez is quickly climbing the ranks of Grand Prix motorcycle racing and the sky appears to be the limit for the heights he can reach. At the age of 26 with so many wins already recorded many are asking just how good can he become?

Marc Marquez is known as the ‘Ant of Cervera’ because when he started out racing he weighed so little that additional weights had to be placed on his bike to allow him to meet requirements. The bike then weighed more than double Marquez earning him the nickname the ant due to his strength to control such weight around the track. 

At age 26 Marquez already appears to be among the top 5 racers of all time. He is one of 4 riders to have won world championship titles in three different categories (the 125cc, the Moto2, and the MotoGP). He is the youngest rider to win the premier class title and the first since 1978 to win it in his debut year. It appears Marquez is not just fast on the track but also in knocking down records.

The rider has now won 50 races at the premier class and if he continues his incredible performances, he looks likely to surpass Agostini at 122 in a number of years.  There are 19 races in a season and Marquez recently broke another record by getting the most points in a single season with his 18 podium finishes and 12 wins. 

Considering that Agostini last won a world title at the age of 33 it makes sense to think that Marquez has at least another seven years of racing or more. In this time he could not only break every racing record out there, but he could also smash them beyond doubt. The fact is that we are witnessing the greatest GP motorbike racer there ever was, right now.

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