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Formula 1 is a fascinating sport but to many, it is just a car driving around a track. Only when you understand the speeds that are being driven, the technical turns, the incredible cars and the stamina of the drivers can you appreciate the sport in all its glory. Here are the most interesting facts to shed a little more light on why Formula 1 is simply amazing.

Car Technology

The best technology in the world is fitted in Formula 1 cars to make them perform. It is a constant battle between car manufacturers to build better and better cars each year to stay ahead of the competition.

The average car costs over $7 million to make with ongoing costs incredibly high. The engine only lasts five races before it needs to be altered. The machines are designed to perform at an incredibly high level, but not to last.

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Formula 1 cars are able to speed up to 160km/h and back to 0 within 4 seconds. The acceleration, braking, and turning of these cars are unimaginable. The margin for error in Formula 1 is incredibly low. The car has on average 80,000 components and each part has to be tuned perfectly for the car to perform well

Driver Endurance

Formula 1 races last under 2 hours. We have all gone on road trips longer than 2 hours and done just fine so at times you could think that what drivers do is not that difficult, but the reality is very different. Drivers can lose up to 4KG per race as they lose 3 liters of water. The heat in their cockpit can be over 50 degrees celsius. The G Force exerted on their body to go to 160 and back to 0 in four seconds is massive. The incredible fitness, concentration, and stamina required to sustain a high level of driving for two hours are unthinkable. To anyone who thinks that Formula 1 drivers have an easy job, think again.

The saddest fact of Formula 1 is that there have been 46 deaths in Formula 1 cars to date. While so much work goes into safety and the drivers are the best in the world, some times accidents happen. As investment continues we hope that there will be no more deaths in Formula 1 and that they continue to thrill audiences for years to come.

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