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If you’re feeling guilty about some of your daily habits, stop. Some of them are really not as unhealthy as you may think they are! If you have ever done any of the following, you aren’t alone. Additionally, science has shown us that your lifestyle probably has some amazing benefits. Read on for a list of four things you can stop feeling guilty about right now!

1. Not running as fast

Most runners believe that they need to run fast to burn more calories and improve their speed. However, two University of Ottawa researchers, John Samela and Bradley Young, discovered that you won’t become a better runner just from running fast from start to finish.

Instead of focusing on constant speed, focus on your pace. Your body needs to recognize what pace it is going at so your energy is not all used up at the very beginning of your run. When you do need energy at the end of the run, you’ll have it. Remember, if you run slower, you will be able to run longer.

2. Eating more

We’re conditioned to believe that less is better when it comes to food. However, eating small snacks, as long as they are healthy ones, throughout your day helps to keep your stomach happy and full. In addition, make sure your three meals a day are healthy and balanced. Doing so will keep you from binging on chocolate or donuts out of the vending machine.

Remember, you can’t just snack on anything. Choose protein-rich snacks that will keep you feeling full, such as cheese and peanut butter. These foods also improve your metabolism, a bonus we could all probably use.

3. Not getting eight hours of shut-eye

Getting eight hours of sleep a night has been drilled into most of our heads for decades, right? We have all heard that proper sleep can burn calories, prevent heart disease, and help us function the next day.

However, studies have found that adults who sleep for more than eight hours a day increase their chances of having metabolic syndrome. This is a group of risk factors that can increase your chances of having major health issues, such as diabetes and heart disease.

While the authors of this study weren’t sure if the additional hours of dream-time were the symptom or the cause of metabolic syndrome, they did suggest that we could benefit from reducing how much sleep we get if it’s hard to get out of bed.

4. Not being around for our partner all the time

You may believe that in order to have a great relationship you must be with your partner every single day. But as it turns out, being independent can be a lot healthier for us. When couples are always together, this could put them at a higher risk of developing cardiovascular issues.

Additionally, a study done by the American Psychological Association has shown that the possibility of a real broken heart can happen in relationships. People with “attachment insecurity” could end up being at a higher risk for ulcers, stroke, and even heart attacks.

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