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If you are new to the world of MotoGP then you may not know a lot about the motorcycle world championship. MotoGP is the premier class of motorcycle racing held on road circuits with its history dating all the way back to 1949. If you have ever turned on the TV and seen the exciting sport taking place but not known much about it, read on.

Ever category of bike is covered

At some point in time MotoGP has raced every engine class. The most popular variants are 125cc (Moto3), 250cc (Moto2) and 500cc (MotoGP) but there were even races in 50cc and 750cc in the past. 

Introduction of the mobile clinic

A mobile clinic (similar to an ambulance) was first introduced in 1977. In its first race, it saved a life. Franco Uncini had an accident in Austria and was lucky that the clinic was available, otherwise, he may have died.

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The current champion

Marc Marquez is the current champion of MotoGP and is breaking records every race he takes. He has already won 6 MotoGP titles, 1 Moto2, and 1 Moto3. He is on track to be the greatest MotoGP rider ever.

It runs in the family

Alex Marquez races Moto2 while Marc races MotoGP. The riders are the only siblings to ever both win a race on the same day in 65 years of moto racing. They achieved the incredible result twice and both went on to win a championship in the same year.

We hope these four fascinating facts help you to understand a little more when MotoGP pops up on your screen. History is being made at the moment as possibly the greatest of all time is racing. It is a perfect time to take an interest in the sport, especially as his brother appears to be hot on his heels. 

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