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Kickboxing is both a combat sport and a form of exercise. The activity has continued to grow in popularity across the world as both a form of fitness and as a competition. If you have been a kickboxer for years or are just getting interested in the sport, read on for more incredible information.

The benefits

Kickboxing is very good for your health (unless you get kicked in the face a lot). While practicing kickboxing you can burn over 350 calories per hour. As the sport is high intensity and uses all of your muscles it is considered one of the best ways to keep fit.


Kickboxing is the incorporation of many fighting techniques into one. There are many types of kickboxing that use various different sets of rules. Kickboxing may seem like an old sport and while it has ancient roots it began only in 1966. A Japanese karate fighter admired the contact sports he saw in Thailand and saw the chance to blend the styles and create something new.

Muay Thai Vs Kickboxing

Muay Thai is a subcategory of kickboxing with its own particular set of rules. The basic difference is that kickboxing is a sport that uses the four-point striking system (kicks and punches) while Muay Thai uses an 8 point system (including elbows and knees) as well as a clinch.

Kicking is key

Of course, it is the kicking that really separates the sport from boxing. While there are numerous types of kicks the most famous is the roundhouse kick. A spinning move that looks great and can land significant damage. Thai fighters are known for their incredibly strong kicks and high levels of pain resistance, often conditioning their legs on wood in training.

Cool nicknames

While there are lots of interesting attributes to kickboxing, one of the best parts is the nicknames. If you become skilled enough you too could have a nickname. Even if unskilled you could always give yourself a nickname too. Some of the best kickboxing names are Superfoot, The Flying Gentleman and the Dutch LumberJack. 

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