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The man known as Jimmy Jump has seen his share of excitement in the sporting world, yet never as a player. Jimmy Jump is the most famous pitch invader having gatecrashed some of the most important matches and events ever staged. After nearly a decade without interrupting a game, he says he is ready to jump again.

Jimmy’s list of pitch invasions is like a list of the most important sporting occasions. In the 2004 European football finals, he threw a Barcelona flag at Luis Figo (who had deserted Barcelona to join rivals Madrid in 2000). In 2006 he gave a Barcelona jersey to Arsenal player Thierry Henry (Henry would go on to join Barcelona the next year). He also featured in the 2007 Champions League final. In another game, he put a hat on the head of Messi. In another game, he carried a Tibet flag during a time of political upheaval. One of his most famous incidents is when he tried to put a hat on the world cup trophy before the 2020 final, he was apprehended moments before he could place it, resulting in an iconic piece of photography.  

He has featured in more than football as well. He famously ran down the track at the 2004 Grand Prix. He approached Federer during a tennis match and tried to place a hat on his head, for this he received his biggest sentence, 12 months in prison. 

Jimmy Jump also known as Jaume Marquet I Cot, has clearly made his impact on world sport. However, following these incidents, he disappeared without a trace. While many thought it was the long prison sentence that taught him to behave, he says otherwise. While Jimmy Jump has been quiet for some time he puts it down to the increased dangers of terrorism. Security in many locations has increased substantially and the punishment is now much higher. While he was at his prime he would get a small fine and a slap on the wrist, now he would face lengthy prosecution and lots of money problems. 

The times have changed and it appears so must Jimmy Jump. Yet he says he is ready to jump again and simply choosing his next location.