Exercise is incredibly important for your health and well being. While many people enjoy exercise few people know exactly why it is good for us. Read on to find out.

Good for the brain

Exercise is great for the mind. When you exercise it releases serotonin in the brain. This is great for increasing mental clarity and making you think a little clearer. If you ever have a problem that needs to be solved, go for a run, when you return it may not seem so difficult.

Good for stress

Exercise is both a positive distraction and a way to see more clearly. Often if you focus on an issue too much it will just stress you out. Take some time out, exercise, and your stress will fade away.

Good for energy

“I’m too tired to exercise” is a valid excuse if you are tired from exercising. In all other cases exercise will actually give you energy. A long day of work or a lack of sleep. Go for a short, less intense workout to feel your energy increase.

Good for bonding

Exercise is a great way to spend meaningful time with your friends or partner. It allows you to focus on a task together. It is also a great way to make new friends by joining a club or gym.

Good for your heart

Heart disease is one of the biggest killers today. Exercise combats it directly. By exercising you make the heart stronger. This literally makes your whole world easier. It is the best hack to living.

It is pretty simple, exercise is good. Good for you, good for your relationships, good for everyone and everything. Whether you want to lose weight or get bigger, exercise is the key. Whether you need help giving up alcohol or want an excuse to eat more food, exercise is the key. If you are struggling in any facet of life, it is fair to say, exercise is the key! Unlock the world, exercise today.