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Claire Lomas was a top eventing competitor when she had an accident. She was thrown from her horse and became paralyzed from the waist down. While many would give up on life Claire took her issues in her stride. Despite being paralyzed from the waist down she completed a half marathon in 5 days while being 16 weeks pregnant. 

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There are challenges and there are challenges! The achievements of Claire Lomas show that any adversity can be overcome with the right mindset. Lomas is paralyzed from the waist down yet is able to walk with the help of an exoskeleton. If you think that might make it easier, you are wrong.

The exoskeleton is a bionic assistant that allows Lomas to move. However, Lomas has no feeling from her chest down and so, has to tilt her pelvis in the right way every time she wants a leg to move. Lomas has no core strength since the injury so the task is a huge physical feat. She carries the computer and battery pack on her back throughout the race making it physically exhausting. 

The mental test is very tough as well as Lomas can’t feel the ground. Any bump or change in the ground becomes a huge obstacle. 

Consider as well that Lomas trained for the event while being pregnant and suffering morning sickness. Lomas competed in the event to raise awareness and money for spinal cord injuries. She considers herself one of the lucky ones as she is still able to use her arms, while many lose the movement of both arms and legs. 

This incredible achievement is just part and parcel of Lomas’ life. In 2012 she completed a marathon in 17 days. Another achievement for someone who is showing that life doesn’t stop after a significant injury, it just changes direction.