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People love sports. What is it about the competitive spirit that attracts people to so many sports today? Whether it is watching two people hit a small furry ball, 22 people kick a slightly larger ball or thousands of people running on the streets, we are addicted to sports. While some sports have a huge following there are many sports that are incredibly fun to watch that no one knows. Here are some of the crazy sports that exist today, that you need to watch.

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Trampoline Dodgeball

Dodgeball is an incredibly fun game. You stand on opposite sides of a court and hurl balls at your opponent trying to knock them out. Some bright spark had the idea of adding a trampoline to the fun. Now you can watch athletes do incredible flips and jumps to avoid being hit.

Chess Boxing

Chess and boxing are two sports on opposite ends of the spectrum. One is about aggression, strength, and agility, the other is about strategy and planning. The two sports have now been combined to form chess boxing. A game that pits you against your opponent in the battle of the brain cells while you continue to knock brain cells out of each other. 

Shin Kicking

Shin Kicking is clearly not an elite sport. You can leave your strategy at home for this one. It simply involves holding your opponent closely and kicking their shins. The first person to fall over loses. Maybe not one to watch with the kids around.


Thumb wrestling is a family fun favorite but have you heard of toe wrestling? It is essentially the same thing but with toes. Opponents sit on the floor and try and pin the other person’s toe. Strange? Yes! Exciting? Of course!

Wife Carrying

Wife Carrying may be the greatest display of chivalry in sport. Male contestants carry female partners through an obstacle course. They can hold their wife anyway they choose as long as they cross the finish line without the female touching the ground. We would love to see a husband carrying version, for equality purposes of course.

These are just five of the craziest sports we have found. Let us know of any other random sports you know about.