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When you win a National Championship nothing can really upset you. You are on cloud 9 until the next championship comes around and you have to do it all again. Alabama Crimson Tide was recently crowned winners and awarded the beautiful BCS trophy as a result. They later displayed it a training ground where a father of one of the players accidentally dropped it, smashing it to pieces. 

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To be fair, when you make a trophy out of crystal, you are asking for trouble. The BCS trophy is a beautiful piece of Waterford crystal in the shape of a football. The trophy is worth $30,000. It was awarded to Alabama Crimson Tide when they won the NCAA BCS National Championship. 

The team was later celebrating A-Day, a squad scrimmage that signals the end of training for the season. Trophies were put on display for fans, friends, and family to take photos. One fan and family member got too close to the award and accidentally knocked it. The ball smashed to pieces.

A representative for the university said the dad was feeling really bad about it. The university contacted the owners of the trophy and was told that a new one would be made for them to display. It sounds like it was well insured then, thankfully.

Having the trophy insured makes sense as this is not its first mishap. The 2006 ball was shattered and two more were reported stolen in previous years. While a steady hand is needed to win a football game it seems a steady one is required to be in the same room as the trophy as well.

We are sure that the football player will never let his dad forget his little mishap and that it will bring some good moments at family reunions in future years.