In sporting life there are often matchups we wish could take place. How would Lebron do if he played at the same time as Jordan? How would Ronaldo do if he played at the same time as Pele? Who would win in a fight, Ali or Batman? Ok, that last one probably doesn’t make as much sense but you understand the idea. One match up we never thought would take place would be a race between Usain Bolt and Mickey Rourke, especially not at 3 am.

Let’s set the scene. Usain Bolt is the fastest man on the planet and has been for over 12 years. Mickey Rourke is an excellent actor who once fought at an amateur and professional level. But Mickey Rourke is over 60 years of age and while Bolt is now retired the matchup still doesn’t seem quite fair. 

When Bolt was asked if he was ever propositioned by people for a race, the one that stood out in his mind was Mickey Rourke. He said the star asked him at 3 in the morning (so we can assume this was not after a quiet night) and proceeded to take his shoes off in the street. Bolt never said who won the race but if the 64-year-old Mickey Rourke was able to finish the race alone, we are impressed. 

Rourke was a professional boxer in the 1990s and had a good record, but was said to be too old to go against top fighters. He returned to the ring 20 years later for an exhibition fight in Russia. While he won in the second round the opponent later claimed it was fixed. Again, either way, for him to go into a fight in his 60s shows the man has no fear of any challenge.