If you are a Liverpool supporter then you need a strong heart. The team is no stranger to incredible results, comebacks, and drama. Few can forget the night they won the Champions League in Istanbul after an incredible comeback against Milan. However, the game against Barcelona may be the greatest comeback the club has ever achieved.

Liverpool lost the first leg 3-0 against Barcelona and knew they had a mountain to climb to overcome the deficit and get through to the final of the Champions League. Liverpool was without its star players Salah and Firmino and few, if any, gave them the slightest chance. Liverpool was against one of the greatest Barcelona teams of all time, with Suarez and Messi leading the charge anything but a Barcelona victory was ridiculous to think of. Barcelona had already demolished Liverpool 3-0 in the first leg, after all.

That is not what happened. Liverpool was like a team possessed with Mane, in particular, showing that he did not rely on Salah and Firmino and could carry the team when he had to. Fabinho too played his best ever game in a Liverpool shirt. Origi and Wijnaldum were undoubtedly the heroes of the night as they produced the final blows that saw Barcelona lose 4-0 and 4-3 overall.

The final goal summarizes the intent of Liverpool and the difference between the two teams as Trent Alexander Arnold took a quick corner that only one player was ready for. That player was Origi and history was made. There were holes shown in the Barcelona team that no one knew existed before and that they have struggled to repair since. 

Liverpool went on to win the Champions League that year and the Premier League the next year, ranking their side as one of the greatest in history. Klopp’s men operate as an attacking force that can devastate any level of opposition. Ask Barcelona if you don’t believe it.