Shutterstock/Jason Batterham

In the 2003/2004 season, the invincibles were born. Arsenal went the entire season without losing a single game. The feat has not been repeated since then or ever before and places the 2004 Arsenal team as one of the greatest in history.

When you look back at the names of the Arsenal team it is clear they had an incredibly strong side with Thierry Henry leading the charge, starting 48 out of 49 total games and scoring 39 goals. Other stars such as Peres, Cole, Vieira, and Bergkamp all played their part. The team had incredible depth too, something required to have such consistency across an entire season. Players like Cesc Fabregas and Robin Van Persie were only starting to break into the Arsenal side. 

The team was an incredible attacking united. The left side of Cole, Pires, and Henry was menacing and troubled most teams. This created space in other areas of the pitch for Ljungberg and Lauren to pick apart. The fluidity of the team was something that had not been seen before in the premier league and their fast counter attacks tore teams apart. 

The incredible season led Arsenal to be known as the invincibles. The team was given a special golden premier league trophy to honor the achievement. The only other team in the English division to ever be called Invincible was Preston North End who went undefeated in the season of 88-89. Although remarkable, Preston played only 22 games compared to Arsenal’s 38 (in one season). 

Arsenal has dipped in form since the invincible season going through numerous managers since Wenger departed. The club has lacked the proper financial backing in recent years to ensure a strong squad and appears to lack a clear direction or strong leadership as well. It appears the invincibles while still remembered fondly are largely forgotten on the pitch.