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Surfing is one of the best sports in existence. Not only is it an incredible physical workout, but it also reconnects you with nature and allows you to become one with the ocean. To become a great surfer you have to spend an incredible amount of time in the water; watching, waiting and trying to understand. Surfing at its finest is harmony between peace and aggression. It is raw power and balance. Here are some fun facts about the sport.

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Where it all began

The first account of surfing came from Captain Cook in 1778 as he sailed through Hawaii. He marveled at the pleasure the surfers were having, concluding it was the “most supreme pleasure”.

The money side of surfing

While surfing is known for being a sport of the common man, it attracts a lot of money. Kelly Slater is the world’s most famous surfer and has a net worth of over $22 million. He will likely be outstripped as the world’s richest surfer soon as the prize money continues to increase.

The biggest surf

Rodrigo Koxa holds the record for surfing the world’s biggest wave in Nazare, Portugal. The wave was 24.4 meters high and earned Koxa a place in the Guinness book of records.

The biggest wave

The biggest wave itself was recorded in Alaska at 530 meters. Of course, no one dared to surf it. 

The longest ride

The longest ride on a single wave was 37 minutes on a tidal bore on the Amazon river.

Surfing is an exceptional sport as although it has been around for many years. The limits to what is possible are continuing to be discovered. Those with imagination and courage are pushing the sport to new levels every year. There are constantly new and exciting developments with things like kite-surfing starting to grow quickly.