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The insane game with ten red cards

In the game of football, a red card can swing everything. Yet when more than one player gets sent off it can send things into disarray. Recently a match in Brazil went far beyond that point when ten red...

The greatest comeback stories in sports

There is a essence in sports that cannot be matched by any other aspect of society. In sports and in life, many of us are inspired by the comeback story. There have been so many times that...

The fighter with the greatest undefeated record

Floyd Mayweather is known to many around the world as the greatest boxer there ever was. It is a fair title as he holds a record of 50 career wins and 0 losses. When he won his...

Why Michael Phelps is the greatest Olympian ever

To represent your country at the Olympics is an incredible privilege and personal achievement. To win a medal, for most, is a life long dream come true. To win more than one medal or appear at more...

What it takes to be a big wave surfer

When you hear of some of the records set in the world of sport today, they are often incomprehensible. To think of the athletes that achieve these miracles is not to think of people like you and...

Why Kami Rita Sherpa is an astonishing human

The names of Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay will be forever in history for being the first people to ascend Mount Everest. Their feat showed that man can conquer the world and nothing can stop people from...

The boxing match that just wouldn’t end

Boxing is an incredibly tough anaerobic sport. It falls into anaerobic exercise because rounds are short, usually three minutes. This means that the exercise is short exertion and high intensity. However, if the fight lasts overnight than...

Clear evidence why Ronaldo is the best footballer in the world

If there is one debate that rages on today is the question of who is the best footballer now and of all time. In reality, football fans are lucky to be alive in the current era as...


What do baseball managers and John Terry have in common?

Different sports have many different customs and traditions. In each sport, the level of fair play and sportsmanship varies greatly. In football,...

The history of archery