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Fortnite takes esports to new levels in prize money

If you ever stayed up all night playing computer games to be chastised by your mother the next day, who told you were a complete waste of space then fear no longer. Video games are now officially...

Three insane snowboarding records and one that you could break

While snowboarding is still a young sport, with the modern form of snowboarding beginning in 1965, there are still some incredible records that have been set during this time. The sport is one heavily linked with adrenaline...

Why Rocky Marciano was simply too good for his time

Rocky Marciano is one of the boxing greats. He was never defeated in a single boxing fight and knocked out 43 opponents. He was a powerhouse and in reality, never fought anyone that came close to his...

Ranking The Greatest WWE Wrestlers Of All Time

In the WWE, we’ve seen some amazing wrestlers over the years from the 1960’s and 1970’s to the Attitude era all the way to the New era. While many wrestlers have not only put their blood and...

Fortnite makes history at inaugural World Cup

The first-ever Fortnite World Cup was a landmark event in esports and the wider sporting industry. The event was held in July 2019 and was a fantastic spectacle for both competitors and fans who watched on. Here...

This are the most dominant male tennis players of all time

Tennis has treated us to some of the greatest sportspeople in history. While it can be difficult to judge who is the greatest of all time we can at least see who has dominated for the longest...

The highs and lows of Usain Bolt

When you hear the term ‘The Fastest Man on the Planet’ only one name comes to mind, Usain Bolt. His records in track and field have left everyone in his wake. He has changed the face of...

The fastest knockout in UFC history

The UFC is a sport that is increasing in viewers and reputation. A brutal sport that allows multiple forms of combat to determine who is the best fighter without exception. Fights last between three and five rounds...

The three fastest goal scorers in the history of the World Cup

The best way to start a game of football is by scoring a goal. It puts the opposition on the back foot immediately and ruins their whole game plan. Teams have used strategies throughout the years to...

Archie “The Old Mongoose” Moore’s holds the record for most knock-outs

Mayweather, Pacquaio, Tyson, Frazer, Liston, Ali. These are the names that most of the modern world are familiar with in boxing. These are the all-time greats that are clearly legends of the boxing world. They have accumulated...


Did the Egyptians invent bowling?

Wrestling is considered to be the oldest sport in the world. There are cave paintings dating back over 15,000 years that show...