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Is Michael Anthony Powell the greatest long jumper in U.S. history?

Olympic track and field enthusiasts certainly remember the name Carl Lewis. Lewis is still the only man to win gold in the long jump four consecutive Olympics. However, do you recall who finished won the silver medal...

Max Verstappen: The Dutch-Wrenching Driver

Dutch driver Verstappen is amongst the talented young drivers in Formula One. At just 18 years old, he has already been a race winner and championship contender. He's also known for his daredevil driving style and overtaking...

This are the most dominant male tennis players of all time

Tennis has treated us to some of the greatest sportspeople in history. While it can be difficult to judge who is the greatest of all time we can at least see who has dominated for the longest...

Ranking The Greatest WWE Wrestlers Of All Time

In the WWE, we’ve seen some amazing wrestlers over the years from the 1960’s and 1970’s to the Attitude era all the way to the New era. While many wrestlers have not only put their blood and...

Marc Marquez is unstoppable and his records show why

Marc Marquez is quickly climbing the ranks of Grand Prix motorcycle racing and the sky appears to be the limit for the heights he can reach. At the age of 26 with so many wins already recorded...

Why is the boxing square called a ring?

There are many strange terms in sport. Where the term bogey comes from in golf, why the item hit in badminton is called a shuttlecock and many more. While most of these questions have a root in...

Clear evidence why Ronaldo is the best footballer in the world

If there is one debate that rages on today is the question of who is the best footballer now and of all time. In reality, football fans are lucky to be alive in the current era as...

The world record for the slowest Olympic Marathon is over 54 years

While everyone is focused on the fastest, best, and strongest in the Olympics no one ever talks about the slowest, worst or weakest. It makes sense of course. The Olympics is a competition of elite-level athletes. Those...

The most valuable baseball card in the world

When it comes to sports memorabilia many people are obsessed. We can all remember our youth spent collecting stickers, cards or jerseys from our favorite sport. As a fan of English Premier League football, I got a sticker book...

14 countries in 7 seven days. The epic adventure that set records across Europe.

Two cyclists took a different approach to a tour of Europe when they decided to break a world record by cycling to the highest number of countries in one week by bike. The duo managed to cycle...


Why 1945 is the greatest year in the history of golf

Byron Nelson was born in 1912, he died in 2006. He lived a total of 94 years and yet one year stands...