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Five reasons why surfing is the most radical sport

Surfing is one of the best sports in existence. Not only is it an incredible physical workout, but it also reconnects you with nature and allows you to become one with the ocean. To become a great...

The most fascinating facts about rugby

Rugby is a sport with a rich history that has captured the minds and passions of many countries around the world. The Rugby World Cup is one of the finest sporting spectacles available to watch today due...

Everything you need to know about kickboxing

Kickboxing is both a combat sport and a form of exercise. The activity has continued to grow in popularity across the world as both a form of fitness and as a competition. If you have been a...

Four reasons why cricket is NOT the most boring game in the world

Cricket is one sport that creates a lot of debate. Is it the most boring sport of all time or is it actually exciting? When you look out at the crowds at a cricket match, many people...

How soccer got its name

If you ever witness a conversation about football between someone from the UK and someone from the U.S, an argument will never take long to kick off. The greatest difference between these two sporting nations (and a...

Four facts about wrestling that show its incredible history

When you hear the word wrestling you could be excused for thinking of the men in spandex and makeup, wrestling entertainment. The sport of wrestling and the entertainment version couldn’t be further apart. Wrestling is a tough...

The record that Messi holds that Ronaldo would love

The debate over who is the greatest footballer of all time is a difficult one. Actually, the debate over who is the greatest footballer in the world right now is a difficult one, so the entire history...

Five fun facts about skiing

What do you know about Skiing? Before I recently did some research all I knew was that it took place on snow and that you needed two skis and some poles. Oh and that you point your...

The incredible sport called Radball

There are many incredible sports in the world today. Sports that capture the attention of millions of people who will cry, cheer, and hold their breath at every gripping moment of a game. To love a team...

Incredible facts about Baseball

Baseball is a sport that has captured hearts and minds for many years. Although highly regarded as an American sport it is hugely popular in Asia and other countries. While the game is thought to have been...


Why Kami Rita Sherpa is an astonishing human

The names of Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay will be forever in history for being the first people to ascend Mount Everest....