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She Had No Clue Why The Crowd Started Cheering

In this perfectly timed picture, we see the talented swimmer,  Federica Pellegrini in an unusual position. When the photographer took this picture,  the crowd started cheering and screaming. Discover why on the NEXT PAGE! Rhythmic gymnastics

The origin of nachos and why we love them

Nachos have become one of the most popular snacks in America and around the world. If you ever go to a football game, basketball game, or a baseball game, you can be sure of three things. Hot...

This is why exercise is good for you

Exercise is incredibly important for your health and well being. While many people enjoy exercise few people know exactly why it is good for us. Read on to find out. Good for the brain

Six scintillating stories about tennis

If you are a fan of watching tennis, have smashed a few aces, or don’t know your deuce from your drop volley then you are in the right place. Whether you are an advanced pro or a...

Fascinating fun facts about balls

While sports balls may seem a little mundane at times, they are actually fascinating. There is a rich history to every ball in every sport in the world and we wanted to share a few of the...

The five craziest sports ever invented

People love sports. What is it about the competitive spirit that attracts people to so many sports today? Whether it is watching two people hit a small furry ball, 22 people kick a slightly larger ball or...

The best sports for children

There are many adults who don’t like sports and many that do. While sport is a great way to get your exercise, if you don’t like it there are alternatives that can be found to keep fit....

How much the golf ball has changed in 500 years

Darwin was a big proponent of evolution in nature. However, if you want to see one of the greatest examples of evolution, all you need is golf. If you look at a modern golf ball the intricacy and design...

7 reasons why you need to try handball

Handball is a fun sport often misunderstood. The sport is great for all ages, men, and women. Here are some fun facts about handball and why you should give it a go. The best...

Does the defensive wall hinder goalkeepers?

In the buildup to the World Cup of 1998 in France, Brazilian Roberto Carlos scored the most iconic freekick in history. The Real Madrid left-back curled the ball around a wall of players created to block his...


When the New England Patriots ended one legacy to start its...

The current landscape of American Football shows the New England Patriots as a powerhouse, but it wasn’t always that way. On February...

Five fun facts about skiing